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We offer our customers reliable service with the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price


SMS notification services to over 200 countries in the world. Our service is of the highest quality on the market.

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Long Numbers for Incoming SMS

We can provide Long Numbers for Incoming SMS in over 40 countries. All numbers are dedicated and can be used in any advertising campaign.

Premium Short SMS Numbers

We can organise SMS campaigns with short premium SMS numbers. We can provide dedicated or shared numbers based on volume of incoming messages.

HLR Service

Our low cost HLR Lookup service can provide you with the ability to check validity of mobile number before running your campaigns, thus minimising costs.

Software integration

Our development team can find the best and hassle free option to integrate sms service within already built software system.

Voice Services

Let’s build great things together

Mobilecom Services Ltd provides Text-to-Voice service at a very competitive price. This innovative service allows you to deliver clear advertisement message to your clients in a more personal and engaging manner.



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Mobilecom Services Ltd

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