Delivery Reports provide you with information about the delivery status of your message. Before you can receive a delivery report, you need to set up the URL that our system would use to submit the report.



1. Log into your account. If you still do not have an account, you can create one

2. Go to Account > Account Settings menu and find the DLR URL section on the page.

3. Write the URL where we should send the Delivery Report.


We will submit the Delivery Report as a GET request to your URL. You should accept the following parameters:

Parameter Values
cID This is the message ID that you have submitted when you send the SMS
DLR The delivery report
destination The mobile number where you have sent the message


Example of how we will send the DLR report to your URL:

<url>?cID=<cID>&status=<DLR Report>&mobileto=<mobile phone number>


The status of the DLR could be one of the following:

Status Explanation
ACKNOWLEDGED The message has been accepted by the mobile operator
DELIVERED The message is delivered to the recipient
UNDELIVERED The message is not delivered. Some of the reasons could be that the mobile is switched off and the standard wait time has passed or the number is wrong.
REJECTED The message has been rejected the mobile operator.

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