MBLSMS HTTP API is a simple to integrate API, which relies on GET request. It is extremely easy to test the API even through a web browser. 


HTTP API Endpoint: http://api.mblsms.com/SendSMS.aspx

Parameters required to send SMS:

Parameter Values
user This is the username that you have selected when you created your account. If you still do not have an account you can Create one now.
password This is the password that you have selected when you created your account.
mobile That is the mobile number that you want to send SMS to. The number should be in international format without leading 0's or +, e.g. 447950312850
senderid This is the originator of the message or simply said - who sends the message. This can be a mobile number or a text like your brand, company name or product. If provided as text, the originator can be up to 11 characters.
message This is the message that you want to send. Please note that it should be URL encoded.
dlr This field indicates that Delivery Report is required. The possible values are 0 and 1, where 0 means DLR not required and 1 means DLR required. If the value is not passed, it will default to 0. 
cID If DLR is set to 1, the cID field should be passed. In this field, you provide your own identifier for the message that is about to be sent. Our system would return that value together with the Delivery Report, so you can easily match it back into your system.


Here is how your request should be constructed:

http://api.mblsms.com/sendsms.aspx?user=<username>&password=<password>&mobile=<mobile>&senderid=<senderID>&message=<message>&dlr=<1/0>&cid=<customer message ID>

When you make the request, our system would return on the standard output one of the following responses:


1111:SUCCESS:SMS Submitted Successfully. (mobilecount=x, creditsused=y)

When all the mobile numbers are accepted for delivery.
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. User cannot be empty
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. Password cannot be empty
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. Mobile or Group id cannot be empty
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. Message cannot be empty
1005:ERROR:Invalid value in username or password field
1030:ERROR:Account doesn't exist
1010:ERROR:Account expired
1015:ERROR:Your credits are Low
1020:ERROR:Invalid Sender
1050:ERROR:Character count is greater than X
1090:ERROR:Unable to send message
1100:ERROR:Message has been waitlisted (mobilecount=x)


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