Get Delivery Report by Customer ID

This method allows you to get a single delivery report by customer provided id

Endpoint Definition

HTTP Methods

  • POST


messageID string  Unique Message ID that has been provided by the client at the time of sending SMS
mobileTo string  The destination address of the message that is associated with the above messageID


POST /api/dlr/dlrcid HTTP/1.1 
Authorization: Basic uKvED8rg*huglozYFY8Vd/zznF#*Y9
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json


Result Format

			"country":"United Kingdom",
			"mobileOperator":"UK Vodafone LTD",

Response Format

On success, response header HTTP status code will be 200 OK and the message will be sent. If you try to send message without authorization, you will receive an error 401 Unauthorized.

Parameter  Type  Description 
messageID String  The customer provided message ID when the message has been sent
mobileTo String  The destination mobile number of the SMS 
sentAt Datetime  Date and time when the message was received by MBLSMS SMSC
processedAt Datetime  Date and time when the message was processed by MBLSMS SMSC
hlr Object Object representing the mobile number HLR
mccMnc Integer The current MCC and MNC of the subscriber's mobile network
country String Country of the mobile number
mobileOperator String Mobile operator of the number
ported Boolean Indicator whether the number has been ported. The value could be true or false
price Object Object representing the price that has been charged for the SMS
price Decimal The price that has been charged for the SMS
currency String The currency that we have used to charge your SMS. This would be the currency of your account
status Object Object representing the current delivery status of your message
currentStatus String The current Delivery Status
errCode String GSM error code. If the message is delivered the error code would be "000"

Possible error codes

HTTP Error Code  Description 
 401 Unauthorized  The Auth Key is missing or is wrong. 

Delivery Statuses

Status  Description 
 ENROUTE  The SMS is being routed to the correct destination
 DELIVERED  The SMS is delivered to the final destination
 EXPIRED  The SMS is not delivered. The subscribers mobile phone has not been available for the validity of the message
 DELETED  The SMS is deleted from the SMS Center of the subscriber 
 UNDELIVERABLE  The SMS cannot be delivered to its final destination
 ACCEPTED  The SMS is accepted for delivery
 UNKNOWN  The current SMS status is unknown. Please try again later
REJECTED  The SMS has been rejected by the subscriber's SMS Center. 

Error Codes


Error Code  Description 
 001  Unidentified subscriber.
 005  Unidentified subscriber.
 009  Illegal subscriber
 011  Tele service not provisioned
 012  Illegal Equipment
 013  Call Barred
021 Facility not supported
027 Absent subscriber
031 Subscriber busy for MT_SMS
032 SM-Delivery Failure
034 System failure
035 Data missing
036 Unexpected Data value
144 Unrecognized component
145 Mistyped Component
146 Body structured component
160 Duplicate invoke ID
161 Unrecognized Operation
162 Mistyped Parameter
163 Resource Limitation
164 Initiating release
165 Unrecognized linked ID
166 Linked Response expected
167 Unexpected linked operation
176 Unrecognized invoke ID
177 Return result expected
178 Mistyped Parameter
192 Unrecognized invoke ID
193 Return Error unexpected
194 Unrecognized error
195 Unexpected Error
196 Mistyped parameter
200 Unable to decode response
201 Provider Abort
202 User Abort
203 Timeout
204 API error
205 Unknown Error
404 Invalid message content
408 DND error code
409 Source/template error code
410 Source/Template long message error code
411 Duplicate Submission
412 Destination Barred/Source Barred

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