Send Simple SMS

This method allows you to send a single textual message to one destination address.

Endpoint Definition

HTTP Methods

  • POST


from string  Represents sender ID and it can be alphanumeric or numeric. Alphanumeric sender ID length should be between 3 and 11 characters (Example: CompanyName). Numeric sender ID length should be between 3 and 14 characters. 
mobileTo string   Message destination address. The destination addresses must be in international format (Example: 447950282850).
text string Text of the message that will be sent.


POST /api/sms/singlesms HTTP/1.1

Authorization: Basic uKvED8rg*huglozYFY8Vd/zznF#*Y9
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json


"text":"Test SMS."


Result Format




Response Format

On success, response header HTTP status code will be 200 OK and the message will be sent. If you try to send message without authorization, you will receive an error 401 Unauthorized.

Parameter  Type  Description 
mobileTo String  The destination number in international format where your message has been sent 
customerMessageID String  When sending simple SMS, this property would be empty 
status  String   The status of the message in our system. When the message is accepted, the status would be ACCEPTED
messageID String  The unique ID generated by our system. You can use that ID to request Delivery Report. 

Possible error codes

HTTP Error Code  Description 
 401 Unauthorized  The Auth Key is missing or is wrong. 
 400 Message declined  The message has been rejected by our filtering system. The message has been identified as SPAM.
 400 Insufficient account balance.  Your account does not have sufficient credit to process the message. Please top up your account and try again.

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