Enter into the world of SMS Notifications

SMS services are the cheapest and yet the most innovative way to communicate with your clients. The mobile phone is a necessity these days, so the SMS is the quickest way to let know your clients about a new promotion on anything about your business that can be of interest.

Bulk SMS Notifications

SMS Notification is by far the cheapest way to deliver promotion or information to your clients. We deliver millions of SMS messages every month to over 200 destinations worldwide. Try our service at a very competative price. Just sign up and start sending messages now.

Long SMS Numbers

Long SMS Numbers allow you to keep 2-way SMS communications with your clients. This service is particularly useful if you need your customers feedback. You can see your incoming messages within our portal and directly respond, or you can receive them in your own system. Automatic responses are also possible.

Premium SMS Number

Premium SMS Numbers provide you with the ability to build SMS campaigns and monetize them. This service offers short sms number with additional charge for the customer that can be used for payments or additional charge for service.


Text-to-Voice service allows you to prepare text that you want your customers to hear and leave the system call them all. The service allows you to choose Male or Female voice as well as 19 different languages and accents.

Transform your ideas into the best customer experience

Let us help you create the best engaging customer experience your company can provide. We offer the whole set of SMS campaigning at a very competative price. Our experts would be glad do help you find the best service for your business.

Happy Customers

Direct comunication keeps customers HAPPY

Group Communication

Reach all your customers in a matter of seconds.

Income Growth

Keeping your customers engaged means more sales

Real-Time Communication

The delivery of SMS messages is instantaneous. It does not matter whether you send 10 or 10 000 SMS

Delivery Statistics

We will provide you with real-time delivery information on your campaign.

Customers engagement

Engaged customers are happy customers. Informed customers are even happier customers.

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